Hailing from the city of Fukuoka, BRIDEAR was formed in November 2011 by vocalist KIMI, guitarist MITSURU and bassist HARU. Support drummer KAI became an official member in February 2012, followed by second guitarist Misa in April. That same month, BRIDEAR made their live debut at Fukuoka’s Spiral Factory.

In 2013, the band performed successfully without any supporting acts for the first time in Tokyo. In 2014, BRIDEAR had their first 200 people show headline show. Performing as the main supporting band for Yousei Teikoku and LIGHT BRINGER, they are gaining more popularity.
The guitarist Misa is the fisrt female finalist and prize winner at GIT masters, a guitar contest supported by YOUNG GUITAR Magazine.
The music is considered as heavy metal/power metal . BRIDEAR have a good reputation for their powerful live performance.

The band continues to tour relentlessly, and are working hard to take their place amongst the “girls’ metal” elite.



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68199 Mannheim